December 4, 2023

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Creating A Shaded Light in Your Home or Business with Window Films

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A bright, and sunny window streaming in beautiful rays of sunshine can be one of the reasons we chose the home we live in. However, sometimes the beautiful window streaming in the sunshine was not clearly thought all the way through. With that beauty, there is a beast. The light shining in can create problems, for example, the bleaching of your furniture is a common problem. The sun can cause damage that results in brittle, crumbling upholstery or fabric. This blasting sun also increases the indoor temperature, which causes the already rising energy costs to elevate even more. 

Safety Can Be Increased with Tinted Window Films 

Another issue to consider is a shattered window. With traditional clear windows, the glass will shatter into a thousand pieces with dangerous shards that can get stepped on if perhaps you miss a piece. An alternative to traditional clear glass is a tinted film. This will keep the shards of glass together in an unfortunate break and keep your fingers safer during clean up. In addition to keeping the glass container, tinted window films make it more difficult for burglars to gain access by simply breaking a window. It will break much like the windshield in a car, keeping the pieces intact rather than in a million different places. 

Windows Treated with Films Are A More Comfortable Alternative 

Commercial windows are also a good example of a place that could benefit from window films. When customers arrive, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. They should not have to wear sunglasses indoors! In desert communities, there are places that specialize in tinting residential and business glass such as commercial window film phoenix AZ. The blazing desert sun is relentless and beats down with powerful and dangerous UV rays. These rays can be filtered with the tinted film. 

Tone Down That Hostile Sunshine! 

Filtering the light in that sunny, all-too-bright room in your home or business can have many positive results. No longer will the sun beat down on your upholstery, furnishings, or the back of your head! The resulting effect is a toned-down light that is comfortable to sit in, read, or watch television. Sun-sensitive plants also enjoy some filtered light, that isn’t glaring and burning their tender leaves. This tinted film also helps keep the indoor area cooler in the summer, which is a major problem in areas of higher temperatures, such as Phoenix, AZ for example. 

Keep Your Property Private 

Privacy is also something to be considered. On a dark night, a well-lit room is like a beacon. The whole neighborhood can see directly into your living room, bedroom, or office space. The filtering effects of the window films make peering in your windows a thing of the past. Even curtains and window shades are subject to fail. There could be gaps, or perhaps it is just forgetting to close the shades at dusk. 

Keeping the Powder Room Exclusive to the Occupant is Pretty Crucial! 

Nobody wants to feel exposed in the restroom. There are tinting options available specifically designed for the bathroom. Decorative films add a touch of design while keeping the bathroom private. They allow some sunlight in, while also obstructing the view from outside.