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Different Types of Foundations and Basement Spaces in Houses

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When you purchase a home, you may have an existing basement that is considered rough. A rough basement is an unfinished basement. There are concrete floors and concrete walls. The ceiling is left open, so you can see all of the electrical and pipe work that runs throughout the house. There are exposed support posts that are structural. The stairs that lead down into the basement are just basic builder wood constructed. These stairs are by no means aesthetic and high end. 

Sometimes when you purchase a home you are purchasing a house that is built on a slab or a crawl space foundation. A crawl space is what it implies. There is a space underneath the house. The home owner can access this space via a small removable panel that is in the floor. These crawl space access point panels are typically located inside of a closet within the house. The crawl space is anywhere from three to five feet in height. All of the plumbing and some electrical is down in the crawl. This is where trades professionals work on the house if it needs extensive updating. Older houses have smaller crawl spaces in some cases the crawl can be as small as two feet in depth. 

A house that is built on a slab is a house that is constructed on a concrete slab. All of the plumbing is located inside concrete. If anything goes wrong with the plumbing the home owner will have to have the concrete broken up in order to access the plumbing. This is an extensive and costly repair. When the plumbing runs through a kitchen and living room the floors will need to be jackhammered apart to access the plumbing for repair. When the job is complete a new concrete slab will be poured in the repaired areas. Then the flooring will need to be replaced. 

Home owners sometimes want to have a basement space but the house they purchased does not have one. A contractor can help fix this problem. As a home owner you can get quotes from local construction contractors on the expense of digging out a basement. There are two options where this is concerned. If you have a house with a deep crawl the contractor may be able to dig further down and recreate the access point. The crawl access will no longer be a panel in a closet floor; it will become a stair case down to a new basement. If you have a house on a slab or a narrow crawl you can build on to your house. When you build your addition you can have the builder dig out the ground so you will have what is considered a partial basement. The construction process is the same as with a new build. You will find a hanover pa basement construction or basement construction company in large cities all across the US can complete this job. 

When a new basement is installed the contractor will perform a search for underground wires. When it is safe to dig they will dig out the depth of the basement. Concrete will be poured to create the basement. The rest of the construction will complete as a standard construction and before you know it; you will be enjoying your new basement space.