Getting The Most From A Few Furnishings

Creating a beautiful design in your home is often based in your imagination. Whether it’s the direction you position your couch and chairs or where you put the end tables with lamps on them, there are multiple ways to complete your design ideas if you think about the furniture and decorations that you have first. An easy way that you can begin the design process is to start with a blank slate by removing the furniture from the room that you’re working in and placing one piece at a time. 

Shelves in your home add organization along with decoration if you put them on the walls in the right way. An interior design Huntington Beach CA contractor can come to your home to measure the wall space that you have to determine how many shelves would look best and the size that should be used without overwhelming the room. If you live in a smaller home, then consider floating shelves that can be moved around when needed. Wooden crates can be fastened together to make bookcases and shelving systems for decorations. A benefit of this design is that you can continue to add to the unit by fastening additional crates together. 

When you look at a mirror above a fireplace, you probably notice that it’s hanging straight on the wall. A modern design idea would be to carefully prop a large mirror against the wall or a sturdy object on the fireplace so that the mirror has a tilted appearance instead of one that’s flush against the wall. Try to add a few natural decorations with your design ideas. Tall plants in a corner can add personality and take up space that seems to be too open in the room. 

If you have bricks in your home, such as those around a fireplace, consider painting them so that they are the same color as the walls in the room or so that they blend with the furniture in the room. You can do the same thing with wood paneling to create a brighter appearance and to make the room seem as though it’s larger. When you’re painting in your home, try to use one or two colors as the primary shades instead of mixing a lot of colors together. Soft colors should be used in rooms that have more windows that allow natural light in them before you begin using darker colors throughout the rest of your house. 

Instead of concentrating on the location of your furniture in your home, think about the furnishings that you use. Try to incorporate a round piece of furniture somewhere in the rooms of your home so that it’s a little easier to walk around along with a chair or two so that people have somewhere to sit without feeling as though they have to sit right beside someone else. The materials of the furniture you choose should be considered as well. Leather can add elegance while cloth is comfortable and offers a warm and inviting feeling.