February 20, 2024

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Let’s Go Outside And Enjoy The Day!

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Everyone wants to be outside on nice days, so why not join up with friends. Now this can be outside hiking, swimming, kayaking, playing tennis, the beach, or any number of things. Or it can just be in your own backyard. You can be outdoors, without being exposed to the rain if it hits too, or too much sunshine. Relax on the back porch. 
Invite some friends and family over for a party. If you have a pool, that is great too. Your company can spread out in the yard or on the porch, whatever makes them happy. No being a ll cooped up in the house. You can have everything set up on the patio, burgers, steaks, snacks, and beverages. Thinking about beverages, why not adult beverages? Don’t run in and out to get all the alcohol and mixers, buy yourself a custom outdoor bar set

There are sorts of routes to take with this idea. You can keep it simple, like using a large galvanized, or plastic bucket full of ice, and select beverages. Or have a bucket of ice, some glasses, and a few beverages lined up on an extra table set up. This is easy and convenient, but you do have to keep your eye on the buckets full of ice and beverages. The condensation tends to make the ground, or table wet, making a mess, and possibly a hazard. 

You can also go “all out” and have an outdoor kitchen/bar. You can construct your own, buy a “set”, or have someone professional install one for you. The first thing to do, is come up with a list, of everything you really want in a bar, or kitchen. Don’t include things that you really don’t need, unless you are a professional cook, or a wine connoisseur, such as a wine cooler, or warming drawer. 

Next, you can look up ideas, on what other people have done in their yards. This can be ideas that were professionally done, or self constructed. There are many great ways of incorporating a bar area into every yard or patio. It can be used for regular beverages too, not just alcoholic beverages. Some people have taken repurposing to the next level, incorporating favorite items, and making them part of the bar. Use all your favorite things to make it an even more interesting feature of your home. This will be a selling point, when and if, you are ever ready to sell. 

Before you get started with this venture, make sure to check feasibility. This can mean, having the right space,necessary water availability, and gas, or electric needs. This is why sometimes, it is necessary to consult a professional, so that they can either do the work or show you the best place to put the bar. Also check with local zoning, to make sure no permits or inspections are needed for permanent fixtures. Most of all, have fun with it!