February 20, 2024

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Do Your Research on Safes for Guns 

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A citizen who has guns in the home or business need a gun safe for the sake of keeping the weapons in possession of the owner and safe under combination or lock and key. The gun safe you decide to buy depends mainly on the type of guns. For example, if you have a long gun, the appropriate safe is considerably larger then if the gun were small, such as a pistol. The garage or basement is perfect for store your gun case because a cement foundation allows you to bolt the safe to the floor. Lower temperatures eventually cause humidity to build up inside the case and damages the guns. There are some things you can add to the safe to swallow up any buildup of moisture. Place silica gel packets or a half cup of dry rice in a jar and set one or both in the safe. You can build a closet around your safe. It is not recommended to put a gun safe in a traffic area such as a living room or family room, and recommendations are to hid your safe. 

Best Measurements for a Safe 

You can find good gun safes houston tx  locals trust who have said, “Buy at least a ten gauge steel but, eight gauge stell is better. The reason for this is because the safe must withstand at least 451 degrees and a one-hour fire rating consider the safe fire resistant. If your safe is not at least one-hour fire rated and you have some currency or legal documents in the safe they’ll likely burn. If your home suffers destruction from a fire, some safes survive, yet these same safes may not survive in other fires. The pros outnumber the cons. 

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Safe for Guns 

The pros of owning a quality gun safe is that this controls access to the arms, and it protects your rights to own firearms. It there are children in the home a safe keeps weapons out of children’s’ reach. Many state laws dictate locking the guns in a safe. A safe prohibits unauthorized quick access. Buying a safe may provide you with some homeowners discounts. Be sure to buy the right gun safe that protects the contents from possible fire. By placing your guns in a safe, you may receive a tax deduction. 

The Cons 

Insurance companies generally under insure firearms from fire or theft, and you may have to add a rider to your policy. If either of these happen the amount of money you pay for the insurance never equals the cost of your guns. Your insurance company may want you to add an alarm system to the safe, which is not all bad. A gun safe is difficult to move due to weight. Once you get your safe where you want, it is unlikely you will move it again.