February 21, 2024

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Understanding Signage, The Most Important Marketing Tool In Real Estate

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Let’s face facts, signage is important when it comes to properly marketing and promoting a residential or commercial property. It’s important to know and understand what works when it comes to any real estate signs that grab traffic’s attention and makes them take notice. The more curbside attention means more prospects, and that inevitably leads to more sales and closings. And best of all, for less paid advertising than you would otherwise utilize. While in some local markets, it’s believed that outdoor signs are no longer relevant, the facts show that nothing can be further from the truth. For the most part, the reality is that most real estate pros just miss the mark when it comes to proper signage for their listings.

Test Different Sign Styles And Designs.

As you probably know, real estate signage can take on various designs, styles, and configurations. Oftentimes brokers, especially independent ones, may just emulate what other brokers are doing with their own signs. That is usually a mistake. It’s better to try different designs and layouts with various property types. The end result often is that you’ll discover a new sign style may actually draw more attention than whatever you were using before.

Most signs still use the classic styles such as the H-frame, or Colonial Post (think Century 21). Try using a different style or structure for your signs while carefully gauging the results. If you see more calls and web inquiries for a particular property that’s using a different style sign than what you typically use, that’s a good indicator. Another strategy is to consider sandwich-board style signs for certain showings and open house events. They’ll draw more attention than a standard sign for those occasions.

Window signs work great for the right kind of house or building that has curb appeal. Another great strategy for signage may be flags or banners. Just make sure they’re easy to read in any weather or light conditions. Take into account the different sizes that you can test on certain properties and listings. Of course, the space you have to work with will play a huge factor in choosing a certain kind of sign and layout. Also be sure to follow the current trends in real estate marketing.

Showcasing Your Brand Is Important!

Remember your signs are also your most powerful branding tool. Ensure that your company name and logo are prominently displayed and easy to identify. At the same time, be sure that your signs follow all laws and regulations of your municipality, county, and state, so your signs and company identification are in compliance. Your local Board of Realtors should have any details you need.

While testing different sign styles, remember that you need to stay consistent on look, colors and structure for certain elements. You’ll want the public to have a consistent view of your brokerage’s “look” and branding across the board when they pass by your listings. Do this right, and you’ll plant the right seeds to reap future prospects months after they actually saw your signs. If they call you over the other brokers, it will be because your branding stuck with them.