December 2, 2023

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Things To Consider When Installing Custom Blinds In Your Home

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Having custom blinds installed in your home is a great way to freshen up a room. There are many options to choose from which are made using different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. They can be controlled by hand and can also feature remote controls to open and close them. The Wikipedia page on window blinds shares the many options there are to choose from. 

You can have the custom blinds installed so that they open either horizontally or vertically. Either way is effective at blocking out sunlight or maintaining privacy so it’s purely a matter of personal taste and what looks better in the room. Custom blinds are made to measure. The custom blinds installer will measure each window and custom order the blinds for them. Fabric, plastic, and wood blinds go on the inside of the window. If you want the blinds on the outside you would go with metal as that stands up effectively to the outdoors. Metal blinds on the outside are usually machine-operated or have a remote control to open and close them. 

There are custom blinds, such as Holland blinds, that have a small amount of space between each slat. Other types of blinds, like pleated shades, don’t have any spaces as each slat is woven right into the blind’s fabric. Most custom blinds brisbane are usually the latter type as that is the most popular style in Australia. 

The Washington Post ran an article about picking out window treatments, including custom blinds. One expert in the industry, Kim Kiner, stated that for most people windows treatments aren’t really something they think about. They’re not necessary and are more like dressing in a room. However, people will think about their blinds when faced with annoying sunbeams in the afternoon or a nosy neighbor that likes to look into your home. 

Window treatments like custom blinds can really change the appearance of a room. They are tricky to get right, though, such as the measurements. It’s best to bite the bullet and hire someone to take the measurements and give their expert advice on what will look best in any given room. The costs can also vary quite a bit so exploring options within your budget is well worth the effort. 

There are basically two ways to tackle window treatments. You can go to a retail store and pick out something generic or you can get custom blinds made specifically for your windows. Going the second route is usually recommended as, otherwise, you are likely to end up with blinds that don’t fit quite right, leaving gaps on the sides or extending down below the windowsill. 

Of the ways to cover a window, it is blinds that offer the best value. They aren’t all that stylish, though, and are more function over form. They are very effective at blocking light and maintaining privacy. If someone is looking to add style to a room, they should probably consider shades, curtains, or shutters instead as those offer more styles.