Tips On The Effective Use Of Rain Chains

Puddles of water on your roof or around your house cause various dangerous hazards. It is always advisable to safely lead rainwater away from your roof to a safe storage or drainage on the ground. Rainwater can be guided from the roof using various methods these include gutter downspouts that are closed, cups, and rain chains.

How to Use A Rain Chain

Copper rain chains provide a spectacular view as opposed to the covered gutter downspouts. The chains come in a variety of attractive designs that include a range of cups. Although the rain chains can also be made out of vinyl, aluminum or steel, the copper ones are more durable. Moreover, the copper metal has a resistance to corrosion. The rain chains may be installed without a gutter. However, it can also be utilized effectively without the gutter.

In some situations, it has to be used in conjunction with the gutter. Using the rain chain without the gutter means that you have to direct the water through an upright route to a valley or a corner of the house towards a storage container or a drain. Moreover, the rain chains have more benefits as compared to the gutter downspouts.

The Rain Chain Basin

The use of a rain chain basin cannot be underestimated while using the chain. Furthermore, it anchors the chain and controls it from being swayed by the wind. A loop is usually fastened in the basin’s center and fastened to the rain chains at the bottom. In addition, you can attach four more copper links to the rain chain just in case it doesn’t reach the basin effectively. However, the average length of a rain chain is 8.5 feet, but it is usually cut according to the appropriate length of your house. Furthermore, you can choose to make the basin aesthetically pleasing by inserting decorated pebbles into it.

Benefits of Using The Copper Rain Chain

The rain chain made of copper provides a gorgeous finish that will ensure that your house stands out. In addition, copper provides a unique, rustic and vintage look that is elegant. Furthermore, it also gives a building a custom made outlook.


This rain chain needs a modest measure of maintenance. Apart from the regular removal of debris and leaves, the natural nature of the copper material ensures that it maintains its natural look and strength. However, you have to ensure that you hire a competent professional contractor who will install it successfully.


The copper metal is a durable one and it is resistant to rust and other elements. In addition to this, it can withstand extreme temperatures, which range from the scorching sun to the extremely low temperatures of winter. Therefore, it can be ideally used in any part of the world without being damaged.

Cost Effective

In addition to this, the copper rain chain has a lifespan of up to 100 years. This means that you will not have to replace the rain chain often, thus you will automatically save on some utility costs. The unique rustic outlook of the chain also increases the value of your home in the long run.