February 20, 2024

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Feeling about having a 70s feel on your home is a trend you can go on with. It has been resurfacing again even on this modern living because of its unending charm and funky that surely brings back the vibe. Well, describing the retro style as fun and lively, many of us, especially those who are born in this era of time, will surely love to live under this.

Retro style is not only used for fashion now; We have already used it as a house decoration theme. With so much to offer, this style will gracefully fit into the home you wanted to have. Putting your effort and creativity, you can surely freshen up the retro-style decorations.

Thus, to help you more about this thing, here are 5 tips to give you ideas on how to push your style and decorations on to the next level.


  1. Retro Style Furniture. One thing you need to put in the retro vibes in your home is the furniture. Choosing types of furniture are not solely for convenience and comfort, especially in this modern living. It is also chosen by the theme you want to have in your home.

One of the furniture types you can consider is made of rattan. This is a trend in the ’50s to ’70s that gives a full vibe to retro. Having this kind of furniture, it will not be hard for you to design more than from its laid back look, it can bring a total nostalgia because of the texture it shows.

  1. Base on the Textures. Aside from rattan-based furniture, other stuff that is retro-styled could give of the theme you wanted to have. What we are talking about are some things needed such as frames, rags, mats, and even some decorations that bring nostalgia to the retro time.

Combining it with your modern living is not that hard as it blends well with it. Talking about texture, there’s no room for minimalism with retro that is why these decorations often look out of modernity thus still looks appealing and catchy.

Thus, always remember not to go overboard when choosing one. To avoid one, you can put on some rug beside an old-fashioned sofa and throw pillows that complement the mood with the designs it has.

  1. Blend in Warm colors. Retro-style designs are all about warm colors. Red, yellow, orange, with a bit of white and black are the most common color you see during those times. Well, adding these colors as a consideration to your furniture and textures is the right thing to do to achieve your goal look.

To not make it look too much, you can blend it up on plain colored furniture such as plain colored sofa where you put throw pillows that has retro design and colors to elevate the vibe. Remember, it is not all about making all your stuff look retro, it is about blending to lift it.

  1. 4. Retro lighting. You will not achieve a retro-styled home without the lights. Aside from its purpose to give light on darker spots, it surely will add a retroactive approach when placed on the rights place.

One light you could choose is lamps. Adding lamps beside a sofa with a retro-themed throw pillow brings a nostalgic effect on anyone who sees and sits on it. Aside from that, mini round lights on top of the ceiling where it reflects bold silhouettes on anything are also perfect to achieve the right mood.

  1. Personal Style Matters. Many of us worry to go overboard when choosing a specific theme. Many of us always step back when seeing that these things might get too much. Thus it is always important to at least keep your taste or style.

You can always add up at least a couple or more on the personal style you have. In your modern living, retro styles look contrasting with it thus by choosing the right stuff, you could make the two eras blend perfectly. It just about the magic on your hands and your creativity that matters.


Wrapping things up, adding retro-style decors to your home will not be that hard to do. Having these guides will truly help you determine which one goes well and which one might go overboard. Thus, there’s nothing wrong when choosing designs, as I have said, it is about how you could blend them in together.

As we live in today’s modern living, we cannot hide the fact that sometimes we wanted to go back in those times. We wanted to live in the time where we are used to living in. Good thing, it is not a problem at all as we can still live to it until today. Although years have passed by, we could keep the mood it has by the stuff that possesses the style you wish to have.

These are just a few of the home upgrades you can make and by discovering, you can still come up with the best ideas on how to better improve the look of your home.