December 7, 2023

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Gorgeous Kitchen Decor Ideas with Copper

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Cooper cookware has been a staple in European kitchens for centuries. Now, this always stylish kitchen decor trend is showing up everywhere in the United States and around the globe. This versatile metal is durable yet looks so beautiful. Many homeowners are utilizing copper saucepan, roasters, pots, and pans to decorate their kitchens. French country kitchens are a popular style choice today. This style never becomes outdated. The use of copper cookware as a design element offers a creative individual many original uses. Try using a copper rectangular salmon kettle to plant your herb garden in or hang English style sauté pans above your kitchen sink for instant warmth and joy. 

Looking at the gleam of gorgeous copper utensils never becomes old or boring. Pair your pans with old-fashioned wooden spoons for even more texture and depth. Consider investing in a copper tea kettle that will create many fond memories with family and friends. Use these cookware items as a novel towel holder, flower pot, mail organizer and more. These fabulous kitchen cookware selections can be used throughout the house. Use seasonal flowers or pine cones to fill around copper bowl and place on your table as an easy and welcoming centerpiece. 

Copper can be used as accents throughout the kitchen. Consider handmade copper tins in rustic country wall plaques. Find one with hammered holes and set in front of a light. Individuals can find tons of cheap copper and tin items at yard sales, estate sales and at craft stores. Artistic individuals can make some of their own designs. To go all in with this wonderful kitchen decor style, consider adding a farmhouse style sink crafted from copper. These items will look fantastic on top of wooden cabinets or on free-floating wood shelves. This metal can blend with almost any style of kitchen decor. 

Some creative individuals have used copper in their kitchen counter backsplash designs, and this metal can be repeated as kitchen cabinet hinges, knobs or another ornament. Choose a kitchen light fixture that can set these beautiful pieces to glowing. Another choice is to use copper light fixtures with amber or opaque shades. This metal can bring warm comfort to any space, and the material blends with various colors, patterns and style selections. If someone decides to change their kitchen decor down the road, these items will likely still fit in with some simple alterations. 

Along with lots of copper accents, kitchens seen in interior design magazines are also showing wooden features. This could be a butcher block wooden kitchen island top, or the room’s cabinets could be crafted from natural oak or pine. Lots of homeowners are adding wooden floors in their kitchen and dining room spaces, and this flooring style looks amazing with handwoven throw rugs. Other ways to coordinate adjoining rooms is to use copper picture frames or place copper items on shelves situated in nearby rooms or hallways. Decorating your kitchen with copper is a simple way to be stylish.