December 7, 2023

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How to Deep Clean Your House and Keep it Tidy

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When your carpets or floors look dirty, it tends to make the whole home look disheveled and not ready for unexpected company. Now that the warmer weather has arrived, it is more important than ever to get your carpets and floors deep cleaned to avoid the embarrassment of neighbors or friends dropping by unexpectedly. Take a tip from housecleaning pros and put your cleaning chores on a schedule. This is the easiest way to ensure that everything stays clean and tidy, even with more running in and out that is common with kids during the summer season. 

Have Essential Chores to Perform Daily 

Certain chores should be done daily. This includes washing, drying and putting away dishes used throughout the day. Remember that everyone in the family can do some type of chores unless they are infants. Assign a glass or cup per child for the day to cut down on the endless dirty glasses used for a quick sip of water or juice. Teach kids to rinse off their plates after eating and ensure that everyone learns to spot clean when they spill something instead of waiting until later when it dries and becomes ground into floors, carpets or other surfaces. Other daily chores include taking out trash, wiping down table and counters and sweeping kitchen floor. 

Weekly Chores That Everyone in the Family Can Do 

Many families do weekly cleaning on Saturday morning. When everyone works together, these tasks get done quickly. Put on some upbeat music, assign everyone a task and go. Vacuum carpeting, mop floors, dust, clean interior glass surfaces and change bed linens. Some families also do laundry on the weekends. Ensure that the bathrooms get scrubbed down at least once a week, shake out throw rugs and sweep off porches, patios or entryways. Clean out fridge, microwave and other appliances. 

Monthly Household Cleaning Tasks 

There are some household cleaning tasks that can be done less often. This can include scrubbing outside surfaces like patios or decks, and outer windows can be cleaned if necessary. This is an excellent time to clean basements, attics and garages as needed. Consider utilizing deep carpet cleaning canberra services and/or waxing wood floors either monthly or seasonally. Painted walls should also be cleaned down monthly or seasonally. Wash down kitchen cabinets, and deep clean all appliances. Some families have a yard cleanup day as well. 

Seasonal House Cleaning Jobs 

Some house cleaning jobs can be done seasonally. This can include window washing, exterior siding power washing and cleaning the pool. When completed, these tasks can be kept up as the situation requires it. Consider sorting seasonal clothes, going through toy collections, getting rid of and recycling magazines and newspapers among other typical tasks. Vacuum and/or wash curtains when windows get done. This is also a great time to strip-down beds, vacuum off mattresses and flip them for even wear. Regular cleaning equals a tidy house.