February 19, 2024

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Land Required To Build A House

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There is no place like your own house, the one you build with pure intentions and your lifetime earnings. A place that feels safe, warm, and nothing more than your little personal world. Once you decide to build your own house, the adventure begins with looking for the right piece of land to start building your dream house. But how to look for the perfect piece of land that is appropriate in all the aspects, let it be location, size, rate per square foot, and everything you know about construction.

We bring you a niche list of aspects you should look into before heading into the estate market to get a piece of land for yourself:

  • Keep a check over your wallet

Budget is one of the most crucial sources you may require to procure the land. An estimated budget set should be clear in your head before you head to buy the land. It is advised to take a buffer of 20 percent over your existing budget. As land is not the only thing, monetary funds will take you through all the other aspects you may have to look into while constructing.

  • Plot structure and shape 

The foundation lies within the land shape itself. A square-shaped plot is more compatible when it comes to construction. While for more complex shapes, the construction would cost a fortune for you. It is also suggested to check for a more flattened surface rather than a steeped land. To cut some slack on land finishing, look for a well-managed surface.

  • Trusted real estate 

It is not easy to roam around the roads, looking for your dreamland to build a house. Rather you can hire a real estate broker, a trusted one that can save you from all the hassle. It might cost you a little higher, but you can get a good deal out of it. They have sources you can avail good offers from.

  • Locality nearby 

Look for a place with all the resources nearby. If you ever feel like rushing to a grocery store or a mall, a nearby market should work. Everyone has different needs and their demographics and geographic requirements. Some would prefer a hill station, others would prefer somewhere near the basin of a river. If you are planning to get a house, locality should be one of the major aspects you should consider.

  • Apply earlier if you are seeking a loan

Record says by the end of 2022, the market of home loans stood at an excellent 22.4 lakh crore rupees. It is very common in our country to apply for loans before going house searching. So it is advised to check your eligibility and all other requirements before you plan on taking a loan. It is highly advised to update all your paperwork before applying for a loan.

  • Sustainable modifications are the trend

The world is setting new goals of applying sustainable options into their living. Little modifications and customizations into your land or house can make a mark. A rule says to leave 30 percent of your land area for green belts in urban sectors. People tend to choose solar options minimizing the carbon footprints.

We pointed out some of the major aspects that you should keep in mind next time you plan to buy a piece of land. There are plenty of criteria that you should ponder over before moving ahead, and you can start from this list.

Have a happy housing experience!