December 6, 2023

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Tips on How to Move into your New Home

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Congrats on your new home. Moving can be an exciting experience. But, the excitement of settling at your new home will heavily rely on the preparation and hard work you will do before moving. There are endless chores and meticulous planning that you should complete before you move. By doing everything right, you can be sure to have a smooth, safe and stress-free moving experience.


What to do before you Move

Now that you have found a perfect new home, the next important thing is to sort out your belongings and determine what will be their fate. This can be the most emotionally and physically draining challenge you will encounter when planning to move. Identify the items you’ll use in your new home and the ones that aren’t worth taking. Draw a floor plan of your new house and see which old items can fit in, and set aside those that you won’t need anymore. Assess their sentimental, practical and financial value and take with you those that you love. You can sell the rest or give to your friends.


Know what cannot be moved

Request a list of the items that moving companies Denver don’t ship and make the needed arrangements.

  • Find movers or plan to move your children, pets, and plants by yourself as you won’t load them on the moving truck.
  • Use up perishable goods and dispose of any hazardous materials such as motor oil, paint, antifreeze, propane tanks, charcoal, pesticides, fertilizers, and flammable, corrosive or explosive products.


Create Inventory


Ensure that you create a detailed inventory of all your possessions that are about to be moved. Your inventory will help you save time when organizing your stuff and it will also serve as proof of your items should something get damaged or go missing. It’s also advisable to list the serial numbers of your electronics and appliances. Additionally, you can also take lots of pictures that can act as proof that your items are in good condition.

Get Insurance

Choose the most appropriate protection plan and purchase additional insurance if need be (it’s highly recommended, especially if you’re moving items of great sentimental or monetary value). Ensure that you have laid down all possibilities and understand the types of liability insurance provided by your movers.

Label all Boxes

This should be easy. Put labels and color-codes on each box and write specific instruction to all pre-packed boxes and other items that you want to be handled with care. This will help you know what is in each box, and the room it goes in, and it will make unpacking easier.


Be Present on Moving Day

While doing all the above preparations will come in handy on moving day, what matters the most is your presence to provide relevant information as well as to oversee the entire process. Before the movers arrive, do the following to ensure a stress-free and trouble-free moving day.

  • Be ready
  • Reserve a parking space in front of the entrance
  • Clear any obstacles of the way
  • Cover the floors and take all important measures to avoid damage to the floor when moving heavy items
  • Keep your children and pets safe and occupied in a quiet room away from the moving chaos
  • Prepare refreshments
  • Have cash for tips in case you’re happy with your movers and for other expenses.
  • Check everything for the last time.