September 20, 2023

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What Do You Need To Know Before Beginning The Solar Panel Installation Process?

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A choice for power that more than a million homes in the United States have already chosen to switch to is easier than you think. There are many solar panel installation services colorado springs co available. And they are plentiful, but what do you should really know before you start your journey to solar power? 

1. You Will Need An Engineering Site Visit To Begin:

Following a solar contract, an engineer will inspect your home to properly evaluate your electrical status. The engineer is looking for compatibility with your new energy program and will work directly with your panel installer as the first step in your process. Engineers check the structural soundness of your roof prior to installation, as well as inspect your electrical panel for any updates that may need to be made. Generally boxes that need to be replaced or upgraded are those who don’t have the ampere capacity required to handle the amps of currently required by your new solar panels. The engineer will not check for things such as panel size, roof angle, shading and so forth, as this will be completed during your general site visit with your installer. 

2. There Will Be Plenty Of Paperwork And Documentation: 

Don’t fret, most of this will be completed by your installer, but we’ll break it down for you as well. Most of the applications required are for state and federal incentives , federal ITC, any local solar programs your city may offer, rebate programs, clean energy financing initiatives, and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. In addition to incentives, building permits will need to be completed and submitted at your local level before any construction or installation can begin. This paperwork is usually completed by your installer, but it is important to be knowledgeable about the restrictions and requirements for solar panel installation in your area. 

3. Ordering Equipment And Scheduling Installation: 

Following the completion of paperwork, it will be time to order the right solar panels for your home. Your installer will place the order through a primary distributor for the panels and equipment chosen in the contract. It is important to look for durability and efficiency when choosing brands and models of solar panels and inverters. You installer will likely recommend certain types for your home based on productivity and aesthetics. As a homeowner this is one of the most important steps in the process so be sure to do your homework on brand reputation and quality of equipment before the order is placed. 

Once placed you may schedule your installation. It is often suggested to have solar installed during the winter months when solar companies are less hectic. Installation time ranges from one to three days and can vary based on the conditions of your home. Your solar installer will start by prepping your rooftop, being sure that all shingles are properly attached before panels are placed. Adding items such as a power meter will add several hours to your installation process. The speed of wiring and rack installation will also affect how quickly this occurs.