December 4, 2023

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When Mother Nature Gives a Spanking!

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As we begin to make our way into the spring season, many of us cannot stop talking about the record breaking temperatures during the polar vortex. Below freezing temperatures in various states around the country were trending topics on mainstream media as well as social media. However, while we were freezing our butts off here in the US, on the other side of the world, in Australia, they were experiencing record breaking temperatures as well. They were having the hottest month ever while we were having the coldest. 

In the United States, many people were filming the effects of the cold via homemade experiments. There have been videos trending of people throwing boiling water in the air outside, only to watching it immediately turn into snow. It was so cold that people in the midwest were even wearing coats and hats inside of their homes as the temperatures wouldn’t allow their homes to maintain an adequate amount of heat. 

When it comes to very cold temperatures, especially freezing, it is important to not only protect yourself from the cold, but your home appliances and utilities as well. Almost everyone knows that you must take extra precaution and care during extremely cold temperatures when it comes to your pipes and water heater. Frozen pipes can cause a really big inconvenience and result in other problems if not prevented. Most people tend to let a very small stream of water flow in order to prevent and reduce the problems that can come with having your pipes freeze. 

Although Australia experienced heat while we were freezing in the US, they may not be out of the clear just yet. With their seasons being opposite of ours, Australia will experience their winter season in June, when our summer begins. With climate change and global warming being an ever present danger in today’s society, there is no telling what may happen environmentally by then. 

Being prepared for whatever is very important. And with Wollongong being a city in Australia that is located by the sea, when cold temperatures hit, these residents are sure to feel it. In a worse case scenario where all preventative measures fail and a new hot water heater is needed, searching for a hot water plumber wollongong will provide a massive list of qualified companies. Hopefully, the weather will be moderate and there won’t be any extreme temperatures or weather the way there have been these past few years. It seems as though Mother Nature is screaming at us to get our act together and take better care of the planet. 

In life, every action has a reaction. It is foolish to think that we can emit all of the gases and chemicals that we do into the environment, land and water without there being any consequence. In order for our planet to heal, which I believe it can, every single one of us must do our part. That means recycling, consuming less and producing more just to name a couple. It’s not hard to do, but old habits do die hard. However, let us kill those old habits, so that our planet may live!