December 7, 2023

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Don’t Be Hospitable to Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs have become a real issue for the hospitality industry in recent years. All around the world, hotels, motels, and even restaurants have fallen victim to infestations of these dangerous creatures. The rise in the need for any commercial pest control sydney does not show any sign of slowing down, so it seems prudent to learn a little bit about these guests before they check in. 

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are tiny pests that feast on the blood of humans and other animals. They can grow to be about the size of an apple seed but may be even plumper when feeding or full of blood. It is this tiny stature that makes bed bugs an extremely annoying and hard to detect. To make matters worse, they only feed every five to ten days. If they don’t have access to blood, they can live up to one year without feeding at all. This makes things like boxes, luggage, and storage containers a good place to watch for bed bugs. 

How Do Bed Bugs Spread? 

On top being top-notch hiders, bed bugs can also hitch a ride like a pro. They can easily grab onto passing by clothing, furniture, and other fabric items. This means guests can bring bed bugs across the country, or even world, with ease. Since they can go up to a year without feeding, infestations can often go unnoticed and guests can carry them around without even knowing they have them. 

Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Business 

Now that you know a bit more about bed bugs, let’s look at how you can work at keeping them away from your actual paying guests. It should be noted that bed bugs are not attracted to dirty or messy places or people. Since they feed on blood, they tend to hang out near us and places where we may shed skin. 

One place where people are always hanging out for hours and attract bed bugs are their beds. The best way to prevent bed bugs from finding a crease or fold to live in is simply using mattress covers. The one thing here you will need to watch for is the durability of your new mattress covers. You will have people sleeping, jumping, and doing numerous other activities on these mattresses. If they get holes or rips, it defeats the point of even having them around. 

This is also why it is important to regularly inspect your mattress covers. It may seem like a mundane or small detail, but it can be the difference between a clean room and a bed bug infestation. It only takes one entrance for these pests to get in and make your life tougher. 

Bed bugs can be prevented. It only takes a little attention to detail to make sure your guests’ unwanted travelers stay away from your business. Stay safe and protect your business by using mattress covers and watching for bugs at regular inspections.