December 7, 2023

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Important Tips on how to Treat Bed bugs

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Bed bugs are small oval, brownish insects that infest our homes and it feeds on human or animal blood. Bed bugs treatment begins by cleaning up the place by doing the following key activities:Preparing a room to treat bed bugs. This involves preparing a room and walls that bed bugs have infested. It involves removing the items in that room e.g clothes that cannot be treated and moving them to another room by covering them with a plastic bag to avoid bedbugs in them from infesting that room. Remove any charts, pictures from the walls and inspecting them keenly to avoid moving bed bugs from one room to another. Mattresses that are heavily infested by bed bugs should be covered by bed bug proof mattress cover and those that need to be gotten rid of should be covered also to avoid spreading the bed bugs all over the place.

Bed sheets, curtains and clothes should be washed on hot water and dried on a high dryer setting of more than 120 degrees Celsius since the heat destroys the bed bugs. Items that cannot be washed such as books, toys, stuffed animals should be placed in an airtight container containing vapor strips as it suffocates the bed bugs.Stiff brush by bed bug treatment cincinnati to scrub the mattress to remove bed bugs and its eggs before vacuuming it. The bed and the surrounding area should be vacuumed frequently. Dispose the vacuum cleaner immediately after vacuuming the place.

The walls cracks and crevices on the walls where the bed bugs hide should be treated using hot water to kill bed bugs and their eggs.Treating the room with concentrated insecticide. Mix the insecticide with water used on bed bugs in a pump sprayer using the ratio given on the product label. spray into walls cracks, window frames, door hinges and around bed and other furniture. Close the room for about thirty minutes to allow the spray to dry. Place bed bug traps under the legs of furniture’s and bed frames so as to trap bed bugs before the climb onto the furniture.

Using bed bug aerosol spray. Once the insecticide solution is dry, follow up with aerosol insecticide spray. This aerosol have small particles that can get into wall’s cracks and crevices. The insecticide mixture and the aerosol spray helps to completely destroy beg bugs that have develop to resistance level of one product.Using bed bug dust to develop long lasting barrier. Bed bug dust is an insecticide that is in powder form. This can be applied cracks and crevices behind the wall and other hard to reach spaces. This is essential because the bed bug dust can last for years depending on the product.

Killing live and active bed bugs. Areas with live visible bed bugs should be sprayed using steri-fab. This steri-fab combines synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and isopropyl alcohol to kill bed bugs fast on physical contact.After the bed bug treatment process have successfully completed, it is important to prevent future infestations of bed bugs by putting up appropriate measures to prevent them.