December 6, 2023

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Pest Control Covers a Lot

Male worker spraying pesticide on window corner at home

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When we think of pest control what typically comes to mind is bugs. We let our imaginations run to roaches, spiders, and rodents – like mice or rats. While it is true that they are a large portion of the business of pest control services, other things are also more frequent than you might imagine. 

Some of the other things for which you might call pest control are: bats that have gotten into your home, squirrels in your attic space, bees that have built a hive within the walls of your home, or rodents that have chewed their way inside from the crawlspace. 

Some animals can be carriers of a disease called rabies, or viruses (think rodent family). The things that can be dangers to your family are reason enough to call pest control, but rabies can also be a very real life or death threat and many animals can be carriers of this deadly disease which can be transmitted to humans. Don’t try to trap a wild animal on your own for this very reason. Call a professional to your home. 

If an animal is suspected of being rabid, it will be turned over to the proper authorities in your area. Unfortunately, the only way to determine whether or not an animal is rabid is to examine their brain. After a holding period and observation, if there is indeed something that gives an indication, the animal is euthanized and then the brain can be examined for the rabies virus. 

Rabies can be passed to other animals as well as to humans. Rabies is always fatal, so it is extremely important to vaccinate your pets. Never try to handle or trap a wild animal yourself. A wild animal, or a stray domestic animal, such as a dog, can be a rabies carrier without having any outward symptoms. Humans can receive rabies shots after a bite but they are painful and costly. Avoid putting yourself in this situation and call the professional pest control lexington ky

Pest control professionals have a very physical and difficult job to do. They get dirty, spend a lot of time on their hands and knees, and understand the habits of nuisance animals and bugs. A good technician can follow an ant trail through your house to an entry point, then trace it through the yard to the nest. There they apply the proper poison and technique to rid the ants at the source. 

Pest control is an investment in your home also. Termites, ants, and rodents can all chew holes and weaken your structure over time. By creating holes between the exterior and the interior of your home, you can lose heat and air conditioning through these holes. Entryways created by mice can also draw other things inside, such as snakes. If you live in an area where venomous snakes also reside, you want to make certain that you aren’t inviting these potentially deadly creatures into your home either. Pest control is your source for keeping the home a safe, clean, and friendly environment for your family and your pets.