February 19, 2024

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Dealing Your Destination Points To Someone Else

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You made plans to go on vacation and have everything set up to do it. The problem is that your vacations did not get approved and you are very upset that you will not get to use your vacation points you worked so hard to gain for this trip. If you do not use before the end of the month you will lose them. So now you need to find a way to money off of them to keep them from being lost in vain. That is not good because you should be on your vacation, you have earned but when your boss does not approve of your vacation time, what can you do? How about selling to a coworker whose time was approved for vacation. They are staying in the same resort you are, and you can make that money from it if they are definitely willing to allow that. 

Resaling Your Points 

You could make the reservation for them as a gift and then once it’s done, they can give you the money they would have spent on the hotel room or at least half of it. It depends on what you have worked out beforehand. That way, you are ok with your Marriott destination points resale Orlando Fl. Every little bit helps especially when you are highly upset about being to get your vacation days approved. The boss just don’t know how upset he or she has made you but because of the money you imagined from that resale, you can hold your head up a little bit higher and even smile a little bit to show you have gained something from it. Once you have sold your points and gotten the money you can treat yourself to some nice things with it. How about a weekend getaway to your local beach or a nice fancy dinner at a restaurant and a movie? 

Making More points 

When you are going on those business trips, you can always make more points for your vacation hopefully by the time you reach your goal again, you can get your time off approved to go on vacation. This time you can use them for what you really want and that is a free hotel stay. These are your points to enjoy and you have the right to them. If your boss could understand that just because they do not take off work for vacation do it they have the right to treat you that way. You need the time off to recreate yourself and collecting these points is not easy to do. After all, you deserve some time off just like that co-worker you sold your points too. Now it’s time to collect them all over again for your pleasure. 

Getting your points sold and making money from them is a good thing as long as you don’t get caught. That is why gifting them is a better idea. You can not lose your points status that way.