February 20, 2024

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Importance of Home And Land Inspection

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Trying to sell your house or real estate property but don’t know where to start? This information will show you how to prepare your house for the open house. First and foremost, you may want to make sure that the house is in pristine condition and everything inside the house is in good working order. For this, you need to hire a home inspector. Note that, this inspection is not the same as the one hired by your buyer after the closing date. It is the one that will help you identify any hidden problem in and around the house. If not done at this early stage of home selling, your buyer may be shocked at the true state of the house and demand money for repairing or replacing the issue. By having a home inspector inspect the home thoroughly, you have the control over the asking price as well as certain contingencies put forth by the buyer. 

Some real estate agents go to the length of having this initial inspection done on every house they are handling, free of cost. This type of service is more common in high demand real estate market. A few agents go through the house themselves, and based on their experience notice any issue or suggest fixing it to the seller. But if there is an indication that the house needs a major repair or remodeling, they will hire a contractor upon the seller’s approval. Either way, it is in the seller’s best interest to conduct a home inspection well ahead of time, even before bringing in a prospective buyer. 

As mentioned earlier, it is nice to start the inspection when you are still the homeowner and in charge of the upkeep, but if you are not a professional contractor or building inspector yourself, there is nothing much to see or do. You won’t be able to find anything major with those untrained eyes. On the other hand, some real estate agents are also qualified home inspectors who may be able to tell what is wrong with the house if any. The areas they may be specialized in identifying the problem include, but not limited to, foundation, walls, construction, wiring and plumbing. 

Owners of certain real estate types like ranch lands face less scrutiny from prospective buyers. Most ranch lands require little to zero inspection as well. However, even with lands, it is important that you have an inspection done before selling. A good and reliable inspector will save you hundreds of dollars and help you avoid fatal mistakes before taking part in ranch land auctions

He or she can identify problem areas in plain land and suggest ideas to eliminate them. Lands that are in flood zone, earthquake prone zone and areas susceptible to other natural disasters need a report as required by the law of that particular state or county. Everything is unknown in a land covered by thick vegetation, so only a report can share the real information with the buyers.