February 20, 2024

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Importance of Repairing Your Cracked Foundation

worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

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Foundations are very rigid. They have a tendency of cracking as it grows old. Small cracks don’t always cause alarm. However, when they start to enlarge, that’s a significant concern. When cracks start to bulge, they should be given attention without delay. When cracks start to enlarge, it indicates that there is a movement which may alter the soundness of a structure. Minor cracks are not that foreboding compared to large ones. If your structure’s foundation has plenty of small cracks that are at least a quarter inch wide, it’s crucial that you call in your concrete contractor to come to check the menace. 

A concrete engineer will take a look and asses the severity of the damage and then come up with a solution. Before the crack is sealed, the engineer must identify the cause of the crack. If the crack is extensive, you might consider calling in a geotechnical engineer who will check the damage and assist by offering solutions to the foundation. It’s essential that you prevent damages before it’s late. 

A crack in a foundation will extend slowly as time passes. Ultimately, it will result in water leakage which will make the walls of the house dump. The cracked foundation might also negatively impact the value of your home. Foundation crack maintenance and repair can, therefore, be termed as an essential construction process that must be executed before the situation gets out of control. 

Note When You Need To Call In A Structural Engineer

Cracks that require the expertise of a structural engineer are those that emerge at the corner of a building. All cracks that extend from the floor of a building and move up to the basement top of a wall should also be checked by a structural engineer. A structural engineer also warms that cracks which run lengthwise with the walls then lean below the basement should be checked and solved with immediate effect. Cracks that are aforementioned indicate the movement of soil beneath the supporting wall which should be solved before the entire wall and foundation are affected. 

Call in your concrete contractor for help. If a foundation has a fault, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced concrete contractor to check it out. An experienced foundation repair louisville ky can adequately assess and repair any damaged foundation. Repairs for a cracked foundation can be quite costly. Since it’s something vital, it needs the services of skilled professionals. You can’t risk handing the project to quacks. 

In a case where the foundation has been severely damaged, it would require pier support so that the foundation can be rigid and firm. For minor cracks, it’s possible to carry out a do it yourself repair; however, before you do that you need to carry out thorough research. Concrete is quite versatile. It can expand and shrink. When repairing the cracks ensure that you use material that will permit slight movement. You can purchase epoxy kits. However, don’t treat a severely damaged situation. It’s at this point that you call in professionals.