December 1, 2022

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Why Your Renovation Needs a Landscape Architect

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Landscape design is a key element when constructing or renovating a house. The front of a home is a first impression to potential buyers. A well manicured front lawn with appropriately placed plant life can bring a home to life. As stated on, “When man builds, he must take both nature and society into account” Thus, this an element that is a necessity for every Contractor or laborer working on a construction project. 

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, landscape design is more than planting a few trees for shade or adding a flower bed for a pop of color. Small items you can find from any
landscape supplies rouse hill are a small piece of the puzzle. While these items are vital for the overall beauty of a project, they are merely small components of a much larger realm. Keeping land preserved and healthy, for example. You also need to include paving elements to allow access to the entire space. A landscape architect takes into account people’s needs and wants, in conjunction with maintaining the integrity of the natural environment he or she is working with. 

A landscape architect is of the utmost importance during the design process. They can survey the lay of the land for potential issues. And find solutions to problems that arise during the construction process. The architect is always very conscious of the specifics of the environment that his or her designs represent and can usually anticipate any issues that may come up. In addition, a landscape architect is trained to survey these issues and can almost always find a creative solution that not only solves the problem, but minimally compromises the overall impact of his or her design features. This expertise allows for not only protection of preserved land but along provides alternatives that enhance the sustainability of a specific land area. The architect works with the land elements, both good and bad, to create functionality as well as aesthetics. An expert in the environment is an expert troubleshooter. Landscaper architects have tremendous ability to create their designs in a way to avoid future hazards. For example, we all know that water can always be a troublemaker, especially during a construction project. Knowing about the environmental impacts, while taking into account appropriate and proper drainage systems is the key to keeping potential future water hazards at bay.

Perhaps the most important element that a landscape architect brings to the table is his or her expertise in “highlighting the good, beautiful and important views;” all while “hiding the bad and poor views.” Let’s face it, there are always things that are necessary within a construction or renovation project that just cannot go anywhere else. Often times, these items are quite disruptive to look that the designer is going for (and the client is looking for). Thus, a landscape architect has a highly innovative and very specific skill set that can easily be applied during the design process. They can work their landscape architecture to enhance the amazing elements and views and disguise any eyesores by hiding within the design so that they are overlooked. This will keep the overall beauty of the space in tact and give your entire construction or renovation project that finishing touch.