November 29, 2023

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Why Having An Electrician As A Friend Is Beneficial

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Yesterday our neighbors stopped by to see if they could use our laundry room while they waited on their power to be restored at home. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a generator so they had to place a lot of projects on hold. A couple of hours eventually turned into them staying over for dinner, and then we helped them with additional chores the following day. Although we didn’t mind, my husband and I started being grateful for the electrician we have as a friend. It’s good to have electricians as friends because they can get you priority service, budget priced repairs, and expert advice. 

Priority Service 

Friendships and good business relationships can work the same way. When you call a buddy about a repair there is more flexibility, but then there is also a better chance of you getting pushed to the top of the queue. Friends who are electricians can check out your problem while they are over for a chat or they can make time for you after they finish their business for the day. It’s a convenience you both can share and benefit from. You can also depend on your fiend to give you honest and reliable service. Make an electrician friend so that any time you need any emergency electrician services albuquerque nm you’ll have your favorite electrician’s number close by. 

Budget Priced Repairs 

A friend that comes over after hours will most likely not charge you an emergency service fee. They may or may not charge you at all depending on the conversation you have with them. I’d always be prepared to pay something so no one feels taken advantage of, but make sure you discuss it and make no assumptions. Paying your friend is beneficial to their business, even at a discount if you purchase all the supplies. After hours repairs can be quite expensive. I would check with my friend first to see if they can help me before I make the call to another business. 

Expert Advice 

Electricians are really knowledgeable about their craft. You can save yourself a consultation fee by asking a friend what you should with your electrical situation. Talking to your friend can help you learn what your options are and your friend can also refer you to another contact if they are not the best person for the job. Your electrician friend might also be aware of what other companies are charging and they might be able to get you deal on a service if they have a good relationship with another specialist. 


Having an electrician as a friend comes with many benefits. You could potentially get a shorter wait time, get cheaper repairs, and get trustworthy expert advice. Keep your friend’s number close by to use as an emergency contact, especially when the storm season starts. Remember to show appreciation to your friend throughout the year. A great system could be in place if you have a service to offer in return, if not, be sure to offer payment each time. Professional friendships are worth nurturing.