December 3, 2023

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Top Floor Trends for This Year

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Beautiful floors are one of the first things people notice when they step into a home. One of the best investments and home owner can make is on great quality flooring. So, what are home buyers today looking for when it comes to flooring? Well the overwhelming majority of people are looking for good quality hardwood floors throughout the house. While everyone has their own opinions and styles and some may still prefer other types of flooring such as carpet and tile most people love the durability and timelessness of good quality wood floors. 

Ironically many times when people choose other flooring types such as tile or vinyl, they are still looking for something resembling faux-hardwood floors because of their popularity, Americans have always loved beautiful hardwood floors, even if people can’t afford the real thing, they can still get the look by choosing cheaper alternatives, this is evident as there’s a Preference engineered flooring eastern suburbs

When it comes down to style and color of hardwood flooring the choices are vast and endless. You can choose from wide plank or skinny plank, rustic or modern, light stain or dark, engineered or vinyl, etc. There are so many choices to consider to its good for homeowners to get a look at what’s currently on trend for the year. 

The first thing we’ll look at is the stain colors for hardwoods that are currently on trend. Now, every home is different and not every color stain will work for every home. First consider what your ‘style’ is, is your home Modern? Traditional? Contemporary? Transitional? First deciding what overall style you’re going for will surely affect what preference you have for the color of your floors. This year we are seeing a lot of really light stained wood, almost white in color as well as really dark stain almost completely black in color. These two stain choices are completely opposites but both look great in a modern home. Those who choose a light stain are probably doing so not only for style but also because light stained wood is easier to maintain because scuffs and scratches won’t show up as easily, you can find a lot of floors with light stain in the suburbs because they tend to be very child-resistant. People who choose dark stained wood are probably doing so only for style purposes as it will take much more maintenance to keep them clean and scratch free. For rustic as well as modern style homes, we are seeing a lot of gray tones. What seems to not be in as much is stains that are more reddish in tone although in traditional style homes, we can still see some warm colored stains although still a bit less popular. 

As for picking out the size of the plank it seems that the most popular choice for Modern design today would be a wide plank although still you can see some really beautiful modern homes that seem to pull of the skinny plank very well. There are also many houses that feature their original floors which are usually skinny plank wood but are made to look beautiful with just about any style home. Original floors in good condition will always help a house sell super-fast! 

Lastly, lets talk about what finishes are currently on trend. High-gloss and semi-gloss finishes have certainly been outdated for awhile because of their tendency to show every scratch and speck of dust. Most homeowners are choosing matte or satin finishes and overall flatter finishes for both floors and walls because of how easy they are to clean. Now-a-days people want things easier to maintain and more durable while still also being beautiful and stylish. So, these are the trends that I’ve seen lately in home design and all are surely beautiful choices but in the end, making these design decisions is entirely up to the homeowner themselves, they should choose whatever finishes they want that suit their lifestyle.