November 25, 2023

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When Is It Time To Have Your Floor Air Ducts Cleaned?

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Most people are now appreciating the importance of having quality indoor air in their homes and offices. This is due to the increasing concern that poor quality indoor air can potentially cause illnesses. Experts also agree that cleaning your floor air ducts regularly enhances your psychological wellbeing since it creates a friendly and favorable environment to relax and unwind. However, the question that lingers in the minds of many homeowners in Louisville KY is the question of how often the cleaning should be carried out. Read on and get the answer to this question.

When There Is Mold In Your Air Conditioning Systems And Furnace

Presence of mold in the air conditioner and furnace is sometimes a sign that your ductwork is also affected. This is because air ducts on the floor tend to provide a favorable environment for mold growth especially if you live in a humid area. As such, you ought to inspect the ducts to find out if they are affected by mold and if indeed they are take the necessary steps.

When You Have Moved Into A New House Or Recently Renovated Your Old House

Construction work can be messy. As much you’d try to seal off areas during a renovation, dust will always find its way in. And in the construction of a new home, it goes without saying that loads of dust are generated. This dirt contains pretty nasty particulate matter that can lead to respiratory illnesses in the long run. To be on the safe side, carry out air duct cleaning after every construction work done on your home.

When Energy Costs In Your Home Are Climbing

After staying in your home for years, your yearly energy costs become predictable. If you receive a remarkably high bill, all is not well with your heating and cooling system, and the ductwork is likely to blame for it. When your floor air duct system is clogged up with dust, there is an inefficient flow of air through the heating and cooling system. This causes the system to work extra hard to maintain indoor temperatures. In addition to removing the debris and dirt obstructing the airflow, any excellent air duct cleaning Louisville KY service will inspect components of the duct system and replace those that are worn out.

When Your Gut Tells You It’s Time To Have The Ducts Cleaned

Some experts in the industry recommend cleaning of floor air ducts every three to five years. But time to time your gut will tell you otherwise. If you start feeling as if the air around the house is dusty and dirty and even notice signs of dust on surfaces, you probably need to call your air duct cleaning professionals. There is no doubt that your floor air ducts require regular cleaning. Hiring professional floor air duct cleaners in Louisville KY is a sure bet in ensuring quality indoor air in your home.