December 6, 2023

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All About How Commercial Plumbing Works

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What is commercial plumbing anyway? Well, its much more than simply fixing some faucets and unplugging drains. It’s actually a profession that comes with a lot of complexities and requires a ton of expertise, skill and experience. 

Commercial Plumbing Installations 

Commercial plumbers can be involved in installation and maintenance projects of large scale plumbing for everything from high rise skyscrapers, to large office complexes to multi-family apartment communities. The complex network system of faucets, toilets, water fountains, emergency fire hydrants, kitchen fixtures, sprinklers and sewer lines require a ton of expertise. Installation of these systems is a lot more complex than simply fixing one part of the system. For example, you can get any local licensed plumber to come in and fix a drain. They may even be able to fix a leaky faucet or replace a sink. But installation is on another scale altogether. Imagine the planning, coordination and man-power required to install a plumbing system for a 50-story building. That’s not an easy, simple project. It would require a high degree of knowledge, expertise and ability to execute large scale contracting projects. 

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance 

Even maintaining and repairing a system like this can be daunting. Imagine have a leak in the sprinkler system alone and what that would entail. If there was a single leak in one of the sprinklers, it would take a lot of knowledge of the system to fix it. They’d have to figure out how to turn the system off. The sprinkler system is probably connected somehow to a fire alert system which would also need to be deactivated temporarily. Then the sprinkler would need to be replaced with the correct part. After it was replaced, the entire system would need to be properly rebooted. 

Commercial Plumbing Sewer Repairs 

Imagine there’s a clog in the sewer system of a large office complex. It’s not a simple toilet that’s clogged up. There’s a section of pipe somewhere in the labyrinth of pipes that seem entangled in an endless network of tubes going here to there. The commercial plumber would first have to identify where the clog exactly was. Then he’d need to read the blueprints to know which part of the system to shut off before cutting into the pipe to see what’s wrong. He’d have to work with the facilities manager onsite to make sure the appropriate bathrooms were out of order while the repairs were being made. Those people in that area would need to be rerouted to another bathroom until the clog was cleared. 

Finding the Right Expert 

Finding the right plumbing company that knows how to deal with the complexities of a large system like this can be difficult. You can do a simple search for a commercial plumbing shakopee mn to find one in your area. You’ll find one.

Once you find a few commercial plumbers, you should do your due diligence to make sure they have the expertise to solve your unique problem. Ask them about their experience. Check their ratings.