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Should I Change The Handles On My Cabinets?

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When you are thinking of changing the handles of your cabinets, you need to consider a few factors. You need to change them to upgrade to a modern style or improve the look in your kitchen. Also, you can change them if the ones you are using at the moment are old and worn out and they need to be replaced.

1. Efficiency

The cabinet door handles are to make it more practical and efficient for you to open the cabinet. If the handles are placed high up the cabinet, it can be hard for you to open.
Especially, the high vertical cabinets. You may need to consider changing these handles and make it more efficient for you to use the cabinets.
You can try the use of two handles in one cabinet. This makes your cabinets look great and stylish and improves their functionality.
You need to take measurements when installing new handles. Divide your cabinet in three times and install the new handles at the center of the last and first third. This brings the handle close to you where it can be easy for you to reach. Also, it adds character to your cabinet doors.

2. Matching The Cabinet Handles

If you want to create harmony in your home, you might want to get matching handles. If you are using pulls or knobs, your kitchen will look good if they all match.
You don’t want to create a scene where one cabinet handle is a pull, and the other is a knob. Make sure you have a design in mind to choose from.
Also, look at your home décor and decide what handle will look great in the room. What design will remain in the house and which handles are you changing.

3. Stylish And Modern

When you are renovating your kitchen or giving it a new look changing the handles can transform the space. Change your cabinet handles to something modern and stylish.
If you don’t know what to choose from, you can try going through magazines and the internet for inspiration. This allows you to have an idea of the handles you can install.
Also, when changing the handles to a modern look, you can apply a fresh coat of paint. This will transform your kitchen and make it more stylish. If you want to learn more about cabinet door handles and which style would look good in your place you can try Oakhurst interiors and fittings.

4. Replacing Old And Worn-Out Handles

Sometimes you may not be changing to a modern look but getting a new look to the kitchen. Your handles may be old that they fall apart when you try to open them. This may cause a problem and reduce the functionality of your cabinet.
The handles should be working and not broken. When you have a few broken handles, you might want to replace them and get something new. You can opt to change the style of the handles or stick to the same style.
Ensure that the next set of handles you get are made from robust and high-quality material. This is to prolong its use and service.

5. To Create An Illusion Of Space

Sometimes the cabinet handle that you chose can appear bulky in a small room. You can opt to get a slim fitted handle and create an illusion of space.
If you were using the big pull out handles, you could try using a knob. This is small, and they look great in tight space. Also, they don’t occupy a lot of space in the cabinet. They create an illusion of a big space in your kitchen, and they are functional.
Moreover, if your kitchen is tight and you keep getting knocked by the handles you can get an alternative. There are leather handles which can be installed in the cabinet doors. This is slim fitting and looks great in any space.


Changing your cabinet door handle needs you to think about the reason for the change. Also, you need to consider the style of your kitchen. This allows you to make an easier decision on the type of handles to install.