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Temecula Termites Cause Havoc in Summer

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Bugs in the summer can sometimes become an uncontrollable issue, and after a harmonious Winter, certain pests ramp up their effort. For example, in the summer, when it comes to termite control Temecula CA invaders become more active, causing more devastation. 

What Are Termites? 

Termites are wood-eating insects of great voraciousness that are found on just about every continent in the world. Their original habitat is the forest, where they diligently do their work and recycle dead wood. There are nearly 3000 different species, and experts report due to climate change, these insects are spreading with increasing speed and ease, adapting perfectly to the new habitats. Unfortunately, this increase impacts homeowners because eradication methods must keep up with changing times. 

Termites are among the worst timber-destroying organisms causing great damage to homes. They can cause considerable damage to all elements of a timber structure, such as beams, posts or other wooden components in the home. They are social insects that live in colonies, nests or termite mounds, and if left untreated, they can leave a home uninhabitable. 

Signs Of Infestation 

Most termite species live under surfaces and need permanent access to water. If they dry up, the pests will die. Many colonies will build above the earth’s surface tunneling tubes down to the ground, underneath the home. In this case, it’s difficult to notice any obvious signs. Homeowners should watch for any damaged wood. 

Also inspect the drywall. which normally live in walls or furniture, form colonies within the wood. They create holes to squeeze out their waste products and leaving telltale signs near the holes. Check furniture or walls for small holes and look for any discoloration and droppings. 

The fecal pellets of drywall termites are usually dry, smooth, powdery and may vary in color. Homeowners can also knock on wooden furniture to see if droppings fall from any small holes. 

Getting Rid Of Termites 

Experts will tell you to call an exterminator — fast! However, many homeowners want to try a DIY method of eliminating termites and will purchase simple insecticides. One of the biggest obstacles is that various species do not all respond to the same insecticides. 

Also, there are four types of termites: subterranean, powder post, moist wood and formosan, and homeowners will need to properly identify the specifies before trying their hand at eliminating the pests. 

To get rid of termites, you have to kill the colony first, and then eradicate the workers. Every colony has a queen and there could be around 3000 workers at her call. In order to completely rid the home of termites, the queen must be eliminated. If not, the termites will continue to mate and build new colonies. 

Don’t Just Eliminate But Prevent 

In addition to destroying a termite colony, it’s a good idea to prevent anymore. Hiring a professional exterminator with experience in termite control and prevention is a good solution. A multifaceted system that includes external fumigants for flying termites will effectively fight the invasion and prevent further colonies infestations.