February 2, 2023

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Installing Counters That Will Last

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When you’re designing the kitchen for your home, the counters are important components to think about. These are the surfaces where you’ll prepare meals for your family and where you might serve light meals and snacks. Your counters should be easy to clean as the kitchen is a room in your home that can sometimes get messy and where spills occur. Granite is an option to consider as it lasts longer than other materials and is usually easy to maintain. 

After installing granite countertops Englewood NJ companies sell, you’ll soon be able to see that a little part of nature is now inside your home. Since granite is a material that doesn’t deteriorate as easily as others, the counters can add value to your home instead of depreciating the value, which is something to consider if you plan on selling your house in the future. These counters can also add visual appeal for your family, guests, and any potential buyers in the future. 

Granite is a hard stone that is difficult to demolish. It’s a surface that is difficult to scratch, which is beneficial if you have children or if you have pets who stay inside your house who might put their paws on the counters at times. If you can get a sealant to put on the counters after they are installed, then you will notice that they will last even longer as this is a protective barrier between liquids and foods that are spilled or damages that might occur. The sealer can help to prevent stains on the counters so that you can retain the beautiful appearance that was there when they were first installed. 

Since granite isn’t porous, especially after it’s sealed, it tends to resist bacteria and germs that settle into other surfaces. The kitchen is a room in your home that could see more bacteria than other rooms because of the foods that are prepared, such as chicken and pork. If you use the proper cutting surfaces and clean the counter after preparing meals, then you decrease the likelihood that bacteria will settle into the granite because of the non-porous surface. 

If you do happen to damage the granite, then all you have to do is visit a hardware store to find putty that is in the same color as your counters. If you are unsure of how to apply the putty, then you can contact the company where you purchased the counters so that someone can come to repair the granite for you. This is an easier option than replacing the entire countertop. It’s also less expensive. 

Granite counters are family-friendly. The surface cleans easily for all those messes that your little ones might make so that you can continue making memories with your family while enjoying meals as well. An added benefit of granite is that it is almost perfectly flat. This makes it easier to roll out dough or prepare other foods without worrying about products rolling off the counter and onto the floor.