December 4, 2023

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Today’s Bathroom Remodeling Jobs Offer Lots of Options For The Consumer

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West Hartford, CT, is a thriving and attractive suburban town that has a population of approximately 63,000. Many different types of homes are located in West Hartford, and one thing they have in common is the presence of at least one bathroom on the premises. Whether it be a gray-green, modern-style bathroom in the Bishop’s Corner section, or a pink one outfitted with dark stained cabinets in the Elmwood neighborhood, West Hartford homes feature a range of attractive and functional bathrooms. Among the types of houses that are located there are colonial, Cape Cod, ranch, saltbox and English Tudor-style. With their sharply pitched roofs, multiple gables, and combination brick and wood exteriors, Tudor-style homes are quite distinctive. 

No matter what type of house style it may be, sometimes, people simply decide that it’s time to get their bathrooms remodeled. Fortunately for residents of West Hartford, there are several excellent bathroom remodeling companies based right in their hometown. When they are choosing a company to perform their bathroom remodeling west hartford ct residents often receive recommendations from friends, family and neighbors. There are also plenty of online resources that people can utilize to learn about local bathroom remodeling companies. 

One of the main areas of concern when it comes to bathroom remodeling jobs is the bath/shower. For some people, having a new shower installed is a priority, while other people are more interested in having just the right bathtub. Alcove tub/shower combinations are still a favorite choice in West Hartford bathroom remodeling jobs, but drop-in, clawfoot, whirlpool, corner and soaking tubs are increasingly being installed in local homes. 

The primary wall color in their bathroom is important to lots of people. Neutral colors such as sandstone and beige are always popular, with pink and light blue following close behind. Wood is playing a bigger part in the decor of bathrooms these days. Dressers are now being used as bathroom vanities, wooden shelving is occupying wall space and end tables are being utilized for storing bath accessories. 

An overall vintage look is very much in-demand in today’s bathroom decor styles. Antique mirrors, sinks and/or fixtures and subdued lighting are frequently used to achieve this look. An integral component in most bathroom remodeling jobs is the flooring. For materials, people are now choosing ceramic or stone tile, sheet linoleum, concrete, vinyl tile and sheet vinyl. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of homes that contain concrete bathroom flooring. 

Another trend in bathroom remodeling now is concealing or obscuring the toilet area. By essentially creating a smaller room-within-a-room, it is supposed to offer more privacy and the illusion of the room appearing larger than it really is. From special shower heads that replicate a spa experience, to black and white checkerboard flooring, residents of West Hartford, CT, and other communities across America are regularly updating their bathroom environments. Since most people spend a fair amount of time there, a bathroom remodel is always a good idea.