November 25, 2023

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Five Tips to Help You Find the Best Commercial Roofing Contractors

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When you need your apartment or business property roofing done properly, you require to hire professional experts. The current construction industry is full of service providers with each one promising to deliver the best. However, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff with the current influx of both genuine and fake contractors? This post highlights some of the tried and tested methods you can use to find out. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Conducting Thorough Research is Crucial

With so many commercial roofing contractors available today, you need to complete thorough research before selecting one. The law states that all contractors who need to provide services must have a proper license. For this reason, ensure that your prospective roofing contractor possesses the required licenses before seeking commercial roofing services denver co from them.

Proper Insurance for Worker Compensation

Ensure that you determine whether the commercial roofing contractor has valid insurance required for worker compensation. Additionally, on top of the worker compensation insurance, the contractor should possess a general liability cover. The insurance cover protects you against property damage as well as any liability for injuries that can potentially occur during roofing. Request for the certified copies of the insurance certificates from the contractor and don’t forget to follow-up on the corresponding insurance firm to authenticate the validity of the cover.

Roof Inspection

The best commercial roofing contractors will provide a complete roof inspection either freely or as part of the contract plan signed. Additionally, they provide free estimates, stating clearly all the costs that will be involved. Besides this, they need to document all the roof aspects deemed vital. This way, you can be able to distinguish between professional contractors and the rest.

The inspection process involves different things such as HVAC-related problems, leakages, mounted equipment and much more. In the inspection’s final report, you should be presented with thorough findings such as the roof’s condition, photographs and drawings, and other core samples. After all the reporting is done, the commercial roofing contractor should be able to provide a full cost estimate as well as other additional construction costs that may be required. After project completion, all the debris at the site should be properly cleaned.


Warranty is critical when working with a roofing contractor. Never forget to inquire about the warranty of the products used for the roofing. Read through and understand the ins and outs of its enforcement. Determine whether things such as replacement fees are pro-rated on the roof’s lifespan or if you have to foot the bill on your own. Will there be any extra expenses you will incur during replacement?


Finally, after you have a clue on insurance, licenses, pricing, and warranty aspects, find the company’s previous clients and inquire for references concerning the firm. Make sure you get different opinions from many people on the company’s reputation as well as their expertise in commercial roofing. In case the company has any ongoing projects, check out the list and how the company handles its progress. Are there any stalled projects? Follow these tips to ensure you find the best commercial roofing contractors for your project to complete successfully.