December 1, 2023

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Removing Stains and Odors Safely

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Household cleaning products and laundry detergents are familiar to nearly everyone. The market for these products is expected to reach $33 billion in a few years. These chemical agents are the standard go-to products when we want to clean almost anything. Such has been the case for quite a few generations, but today times are changing. Alternatives are emerging to satisfy the needs of consumers. The era of enzymatic based household cleaning products has already begun.

Enzymatic cleaners are now an available option. They are particularly useful in controlling odors and removing stains. Not only will these cleaners remove debris from fabric, but they can be used to remove stains resulting from automotive leaks as well. They are strong enough to remove oil stains from concrete, yet mild enough to clean up pet accidents on your furniture or carpet.

Enzymes emanate from living organisms. They are the catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. These enzymatic catalysts are small, but not microscopic. They all have a particular target. We call these targets substrates. Once the two have joined an enzymatic product is formed. It all comes together almost magically.

The enzymatic products work by devouring the oleaginous materials (hydrocarbons) which make up a stain. The soiled patches are then broken down into fine particles, which are then consumed by nonpathogenic bacteria. At the end of the process, all that remains is water and carbon dioxide. Two harmless and environmentally friendly byproducts.

By devouring the organic material making up a stain, the enzymes also remove the source of any putrid odors. Enzymatic cleaners are also an excellent trash can deodorizer. Merely washing your trash cans regularly with these agents will control unpleasant odors. Their proven effectiveness regarding this claim, from the residential to the commercial setting, has been demonstrated.

For the same reason, they are commonly added to kitty litter. Dog owners appreciate this newer class of agents also. Enzymatic cleaners have made pet ownership that much more enjoyable. No longer do pet owners need to be bothered with offensive odors inside of their homes. There are lots of enzymatic air freshener products intended to cater to them. Because these products do away with the odor causing stain in totality, there usually is no sign of a pet accident following a thorough cleanup.

Enzymatic cleaners a are the smarter way to clean. They are safer than chemical-based cleaners. They are all-natural and non-caustic. Furthermore, these products are just as harmless to pets as they are to humans. Unlike some chemical products, the enzymatic cleaners are not suspected carcinogens. They are safe non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

It will come as no surprise if organic enzymatic cleaners dominate the market relatively soon. They have favorable features and benefits relative to chemically-based cleaning products while being competitively priced. The most significant factor is that they are more effective than many of the traditional cleaning products on the market. The consumer will always go for the better mousetrap, so it’s practically a no-brainer.