December 5, 2023

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Residential Locksmiths Scams to Avoid in Glen Mills 

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A reputable and trustworthy residential locksmith Glen Mills PA is available to resolve a lock issue such as a broken key. However, it is always important to be aware of the locksmith scams that can turn a lock emergency into a bigger emergency. Locksmith scams tend to target homeowners when they are the most vulnerable. They need emergency assistance. However, it can happen when there is no emergency too. 

Research and Verify the Residential Locksmith 

Prior to having the residential locksmith come to the house, do a little research. Find their local Glen Mills address and look for their business name. Residential locksmiths who do not have a local business address or name, shouldn’t be trusted. 
The research doesn’t stop after the phone call is made. When they arrive at the home, check credentials and licenses. A property owner should not take anything for granted. 

Do not Let the Residential Locksmith Drill the Lock 

When locked out of a property, be wary of a residential locksmith who wants to replace or drill the lock. Drilling is only required to open a high-security lock. High-security locks are rarely used in residential places. Reputable locksmiths are experienced enough to have the tools and skills to unlock any lock without drilling. 

Avoid the Bait-and Switch Locksmith Scam 

Never let the residential locksmith work on the lock issue without having a cost estimate. Call center locksmiths generally quote a price to start. This is how they pull a bait-and-switch on customers. They offer low prices at first. Later they price gouge the customer after the residential locksmith arrives. The locksmith often claims the job was more complex than originally thought. 

Always get an estimate before the locksmith begins the work. Never hire a locksmith who refuses to provide a work estimate. Check the estimate for any work that is not needed. 

Discuss Any Additional Locksmith Charges 

Inquire about any extra charges to resolve the lock issue. These extra charges include things like mileage, emergency house or service call minimums. These additional charges can sometimes be scams. For instance, a locksmith scammer may claim that a lock needs to be replaced because it is obsolete. They charge hundreds of dollars to replace the lock with a “high-security” lock. It is really a cheap lock. 

A trustworthy residential locksmith is willing to answer any questions or concerns about additional charges. They will also explain any additional charges and let you make the choice whether to have them do the additional work. 

Do not be a Victim of a Locksmith Scam 

Sometimes researching online and asking friends may not be enough to avoid a locksmith scam. Remember to always avoid hiring an unskilled worker to solve a lock issue. Always request and verify their locksmith credentials. Another thing to always do is to ask a lot of questions prior to hiring a locksmith. If they cannot provide details pertaining to their business location and if they provide an estimate, do not hire them.