November 27, 2023

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The best way to deter home burglars

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The summer holidays are when many of us leave our homes empty for extended periods. When it comes to burglars, we put our trust in good locks, good neighbours and sheer good luck. Most of the time, that trust is not misplaced but, for some, the return home does not begin with a relaxing cup of tea in their own living room. Instead, there might be broken glass, a forced door and ransacked rooms.

Typical targets tend to be those houses that are left unattended or where people have recently moved in following a successful Home Buyers Survey Kent report conducted by a company such as and the completion of their property sale or puchase. A house that is filled with boxes is a great option for those looking for a quick getaway with items. There are a number of things that you can do to deter burglars from your home.

Neighbourhood Watch

Deterring burglars assumes greater significance when the local press makes clear that nearby properties have been targeted. However, the best time to act is before burglars extend their operations to your neighbourhood. Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch is a great starting point. Not only are many pairs of vigilant eyes more likely to spot suspicious behaviour, but Neighbourhood Watch groups are perfectly placed to advise on appropriate security measures.

What to do when going away

Many security measures are very simple. They include cancelling any milk and newspaper deliveries, mowing the lawns, trimming any hedges and giving the garden a general tidy up before you go. Another popular measure is to fit a timer to an internal light in order to give the impression that someone is at home. Burglar alarms are also a good idea, but the efficacy of most systems depends on a trusted neighbour coming to investigate if the alarm goes off. CCTV systems, many of which can be accessed through mobile phones, are another option and allow the householder to view their property whilst away.

Although high-tech solutions, such as phone-connected CCTV, have their place, so too do well-fitted doors and windows, with excellent locks. After all, in many instances, these physical barriers are the last line of defence.

Finally, it makes good sense to avoid the temptation to “check in” to the airport, hotel or foreign beach on Facebook or other social media. No matter how tight you think your security settings are, there is always the chance that your absence could be noted by someone who is hoping for more than just a postcard.