November 29, 2023

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A Warmer Home Can Be A Healthier Home

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Cold weather has been known to have its disadvantages. For many individuals, depending on the health condition, the age, medication taking and many other factors cold weather can be extremely harsh on the mind and body. According to the CDC, in the United States, more than 16,911 individuals in the United States have lost their lives between the years of 1999 to 2011 to hypothermia. Interestingly, what is 67 percent of the individuals who lost their lives in the United States were males. Cold climates do have a poor reputation for keeping healthy and safe. There have been a number of articles that clearly show how cold weather can have various consequences for the average individual. This is why Americans should make it a priority to have some sort of heating system in their home. Today, there are still millions of Americans that live in homes without any form of a proper heating device. Traditionally, many individuals with turn to using their fireplace and or simply natural heating with blankets and covering the windows. But many should know is that since the Earth is constantly evolving and changing when it comes to his climate, households must be prepared for the extreme temperatures. Extreme cold temperatures is not just dangerous for households without a proper heating source, but it can also cause various life-threatening health conditions. 

Cold weather has a reputation for causing physical risks when you are in direct contact and exposure to cold climates. Based on Cool Antarctica, some of the common consequences of prolonged exposure to cold climates include the following: an increased risk for getting a heart attack, possibility of frostbite anywhere on your body especially your extremities, the possibility of facing a life-threatening condition referred to as hypothermia, possibility of trench foot, and a weakened immune system. The cold weather does have a reputation for causing illness. However, it is not the cold weather that is responsible for causing illness it is the cold weather that is responsible for decreasing your body’s natural immune response. When your body’s natural defense system has been shut down, it is more than likely that you will end up becoming a deal with a common cold or the flu virus. This is why keeping warm is more than just important to your health. 

Having a proper heating source in the home is important to you and everyone whose lives within the home. Not only can a proper heating source efficiently warm the home, but it can also be utilized to protect you against the consequences of the winter climate. You can take time to conduct an online search for the following words to find your nearest HVAC contractor that provides a heating service gaithersburg md

Fortunately, there are many different professionals that you can turn to for assistance with either installing or repairing your heating source. If you have been looking to properly heat your home affordably, then you will need the assistance of a professional. HVAC technicians have the experience and knowledge to properly heat your home at the same time they can suggest how to heat your home at an affordable cost.