February 3, 2023

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Being Well Prepared For The Extreme Heat And Cold Can Keep You Healthy

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As years pass, the Earth continues to change quite dramatically when it comes to climate change and weather. More and more summers are becoming hotter than ever and more and more winters are becoming much more colder for many parts of the United States. It is important to understand that extreme weather can definitely cause quite a bit of damage to the home as well as the people living inside the home. For example, how many people don’t realize is that cold weather can actually affect you more than you think it can. There have been several studies conducted in the United States that show a strong relationship between the cold weather end becoming ill with the flu virus or a general cold. According to Harvard Health Publishing, studies have found that there is evidence that cold weather can actually cause your immune system to slowly deplete. Once your immune system begins to decrease, you will become more susceptible to becoming sick with a general cold or even the flu virus. This is why it is critical to make sure that your home is always properly equipped with the right type of heating or cooling system, depending on the extreme weather. 

According to Healthline, cold weather has been proven to be a contributing factor to how often you end up getting sick with the flu or a general cold. Studies have shown that some viruses are more likely to end up getting around and spreading during the cold weather. For example, one of the most common viruses that many people end up getting sick with is a rhinovirus. The rhinovirus is known for causing many individuals to get sick with the common cold. Studies have shown that this type of virus is known for replicating faster and better at cooler temperatures then warmer temperatures. In addition, another study that has been conducted show that the influenza virus is more strong and stable in cooler temperatures as well. If you have elderly adults living in the home or infants and young children, you especially want to make sure that you are keeping your home as warm as possible during the extreme cold weather. 

Keeping your home at a safe and warm temperature during the winter seasons can reduce the risk of you and your family members becoming ill with the influenza virus or general cold. Also, you want to make sure that you are prepared for the extreme heat when it does it. There are many serious medical conditions that are related to extreme heat, such as heat stroke. Heat stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency, so prevention is key to fighting this. Take time to conduct your own research online to finding your nearest HVAC professionals. You can search for any of the best heating and air conditioning st paul pros. 

Being prepared for the extreme temperatures is the best way to prevent any illness from occurring. There are so many options for you to keep your home prepared. Get in touch with your nearest HVAC professional to assist you in determining your best options for getting your home ready for the extreme heat and the extreme cold.