November 29, 2023

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Adding Glow To Your Yard

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Part of the landscaping of your yard is the lighting. From decorative lights to those that provide security, there are numerous ideas to consider. A benefit of this kind of lighting is that you can re-position the fixture at any time until you get the angle just right. If you’re unsure of how to position or install the lights, then consider contacting a professional company that can do the work for you. 

When you begin designing your outdoor area, consult with any landscape lighting design services Arlington NY companies offer. They can give you suggestions about the best placement options and the best type of fixture to use in your yard. Try to create an eye-catching design so that others will clearly be able to see what’s illuminated. When someone arrives at your home or even drives past your home, the person should want to look again to see what the lights are all about. 

Another design idea with the lighting outside your home would be to mark the pathways that lead from your home to your car or to another area where you walk at night. Try to keep the lights low to the ground so that everyone can easily see where they are walking. Solar lights work well with this design idea as they can charge during the day and illuminate at night. When you’re marking the paths in your yard, consider changing the styles of the lights that you use. This will give a bit more personality to the exterior of your home instead of having all of the lights look the same. 

After you position the lights in your yard, you need to check them at least once every few months. Examine the fixtures for cracks as well as the bulbs to make sure they still work. Sometimes, less lighting is more for your yard. You can use delicate lights to give a subtle glow as to where people should walk or illuminate a special fixture in your yard, such as a birdbath. You don’t want to use enough lights so that your yard looks like a nightclub. 

Instead of traditional lighting colors, consider blue or green. These will offer a soft glow as they shine on trees and other details in your yard. You can position the lights to shine on trees, bushes, and other specific items that you want to highlight. The soft glow from the colored bulbs often works well with the natural lighting from the moon. 

Consider a combination of warm lights and those that are cooler shades. This will create an appearance of texture in your yard compared to just one solid shade. If you have any kind of space for entertaining, such as a pool or a fireplace, then consider positioning lights around the pool and on the sides of the fireplace. You can also install lights in the pool for a nice glow while you’re swimming at night. The fireplace can offer a natural light source while you’re enjoying time outside in the evening.