December 4, 2023

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Get Help Expanding Your Tiny Garden

Walpole Gardens: London. View onto circular tile and brick sunken patio with brick steps and garden door to street. Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii', Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle', Carpinus betulus, Buxus sempervivens, Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum', Erigeron karvinskiansus, Heuchera 'Rave On'

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Having a small garden to grow the vegetables we buy at the store was originally our dream, but when we got it we decided we wanted to have more fruit trees in our backyard. I was hesitant to buy a fruit tree on my own at first because I wanted to know that it would grow in our yard. I know that only certain plants, trees, and shrubs grow in our location. I tried researching which types are most suitable for our area, but I couldn’t find substantial research on my own. I found mixed results every time I looked for the right fruit trees, especially. I didn’t want to waste money planting trees and bushes that would die. It would be depressing to go through all the work of picking them out, planting them, and watching them every day if they weren’t going to survive in our climate.

We decided to talk to professionals about our garden needs. We hired a professional landscaper to visit our home and garden. An arborist shelton ct. gave specific recommendations about which types of plants would grow in our climate, and they even offered to show us examples of work they had done elsewhere. We looked at their work, and we were excited to have them help us make our little garden into a luxurious oasis. We now have fruit trees that grow to be full and plentiful with apples. Apples grow especially well in our climate, so I know we’re going to be making plenty of apple pies by the end of this growing season. I’m excited to see which type of apples grow the best on our property. 

We’ve also started some vines along the trellis in our backyard. The wooden trellis that were there when we bought the house were old and broken, so the landscaper replaced those with new ones. We paid extra for the landscaper to paint them to match our house. The vines the landscaper planted are beginning to grow, so we know we’re going to have some strawberries to look forward to by the end of the growing season as well. We’ve also added some vines for purely aesthetic purposes because ivy vines look so appealing. When we drive into our garage and step out from the car, we’re surrounded by a beautiful garden with plenty of green life springing up all around us. It’s a satisfying feeling to behold. 

We’re glad we called in a professional to come help us upgrade our small garden. Without professional assistance we might never have been able to locate the correct trees and vines to grow in our backyard. Our neighbors are going to want to talk to the professional landscaper we found because our home garden is going to make their homes look shabby when everything is in bloom. I’m surprised we haven’t seen other people planting fruit trees like ours in the community we live in. Hopefully this trend will spread because they look incredibly beautiful.