February 3, 2023

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Renovating Your Back Yard by Yourself or Via A Contractor

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Redesigning your backyard oasis can be quite a exciting renovation process. When you realize it is time to refresh your landscape there are a few things to take into account. You will want to establish a budget and stick to it. You may want to consider hiring a professional landscape design company. If you enjoy a little hard work and getting your hands dirty then you will most likely save money by doing the backyard renovation yourself. A backyard renovation consists of more than just planting some flowers and pulling some weeds. You can take a picture of your yard and then draw out a map of your yard as well. This will assist you with the planning and placement of key elements. 

Making a list of necessary improvements and a list of hopeful improvements will help to keep you right on track. Any broken retaining walls or decorative features should be repaired or removed. Renovations to your yard also include backyard patio installation services Dayton OH and cities all across the country have professional companies that can provide these services. You should also remove any old mulch and have new mulch laid down in its place. 

Major back yard renovations include pouring a new patio, possibly having it stamped to look like wood or brick, installing a pergola, installing a deck, installing a outdoor kitchen or grilling nook and incorporating a new garden shed to the landscape design. You can also have your yard accented with decorative lights and random decor to add some artistic flare. You have two choices when it comes to renovating your yard. You can do the work yourself and save a bit of money in labor fees or you can hire a landscape design company. The backyard contractor will have direct contact with multiple venders and this will ensure you get the best prices for any stone, wood, concrete or decorative plants that you decide to have incorporated into your yard. The landscape company will cost a bit more than if you do the work yourself but if you are on a time crunch this may be the best option. A crew of design specialists will come and first perform a yard clean up. All weeds and debris will be cleared. Anything that you want fixed (such as retaining walls) will be mended. The team of landscape specialists will then help you decide what types of plants will thrive best in certain areas of your home. They will plant them and go over general care to ensure a healthy life for the plants. 

If you decide to have garden boxes installed, patio planters and other decorative accents you may be able to incorporate these on your own. There are many do it yourself tutorials that will guide you each step of the way on constructing these planters and incorporating them into your design. Once you patio and yard are finished you can sit back and relax in your summer ready space with friends and family.