September 17, 2021

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What to You Need to Know About Owning a Pool

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Owning a pool is on many people’s wishlists when looking for a house. Some people decide to put in a pool after the fact. But there is a lot of maintenance that goes into owning a pool that many people over look or underestimate. These are a few of the things to be aware of when owning a pool.

First thing to understand about pool care is all of the parts. First thing to understand is the pump. The pump is used to filter out things such as dirt and debris. The pump also moves around the water and keeps it from staying stagnant which helps reducing things like bugs and other unwanted things in your pool. While the pump, and things such as pool skimmers do a good job at removing unwanted stuff from your pool, a dedicated filtration system is also involved. There are different types of filtrations systems such as sand filters, which backwash out lots of debris. Cartridge filters, are another type of filtration system that is used. The cartridges do a good job at filtration but need to be replaced regularly. If you are unsure of the filtration system in your pool or unsure of the type that would work best for you, contacting any pool maintenance bellevue wa experts can help. 

Another thing that needs to be regularly done is test your pool weekly. The chemicals you put into your pool to keep it clean can mess with and change the chemical balance. Things such as pH should be within the range of 7.2-7.6. Any higher or lower can be unsafe to swim in, causing rashes and other ailments. The total alkalinity should be within range of 120-150ppm. Again if the alkalinity is too high or too low it can cause problems. Also you want to make sure no metals are present. Buying test strips can help determine these things. 

When it comes to trying to balance your pool to healthy levels it can take some time. For example balancing pH is directly correlated to the amount of chlorine that you put into the pool. Chlorine is a chemical that is used to disinfect the water. It can make your pool water more clear, but too much or too little can cause the pools pH level to be out of balance. There are different strengths of chlorine, 7.0 rated chlorine is at 73% concentrated, while 8.5 rated chlorine is only 10% concentrated. When trying to balance out your pool it is always important to follow label directions. If you are unsure of how to balance out your pool contacting a pool professional can get you taking steps in the right direction for a clear, clean and safe pool.

Regardless if you have a pool currently, or plan on getting one soon, expect a lot of responsibility. But with that said, a pool can be something to invite people over for, it can be a gathering spot. It is something great for a family, or individual alike. Just know and expect the responsibilities ahead of time.