February 20, 2024

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Signs That is Time to Call a Residential Roofer to Replace Your Roof

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When springtime rolls around, it is time to start walking around your yard to check out any damages that winter may have caused to your home. One of the most important areas to check out is the roof of your home. Some things to look out for while assessing your roof are watermarks, missing shingles and abnormally dark areas on your roof. By keeping an eye out for these types of issues, you can save your home from the damages making their way inside of your home.


If you start to notice watermarks inside your homes on the ceiling, there is a good chance that roof replacement will need to happen in the near future. Watermarks a sign that damage has already occurred to your roof and now the water has finally made its way into your home. Once you start to notice these marks, you will have to start worrying about the wiring in your house and whether or not the water is coming close to reaching them. This can bring a whole new level of worrying with fire hazards.

Missing and Buckled Shingles

When springtime rolls around, it is important to take a step outside and assess the condition of your roof. If you notice any shingles missing or buckling, that is a sure sign that your roof will need to be replaced. To ensure yourself that a roof replacement is necessary, you can do your research on anyone looking for a residential roofing gig harbor wa. Once you find someone who is willing to do the work, you can then do your research on their credentials and call them for an estimate on what it will cost to fix any damages.

Dark-stained Areas of Your Roof

While assessing your roof for any damages, be sure to keep an eye out for any dark-stained areas. If you find any spots on the roof that are darker in color, it means that there is fungi and algae growth in that specific area. These types of growths cause the shingles to appear very black or even dirty in some cases. By hiring a professional roofer, you can have them climb on to the roof and peel up the shingles to see if it is fungi or algae that you are dealing with. If it is, they can provide you with an estimate for the removal of it or an estimate of a total roof replacement.

The benefits of hiring a roofer to visit your home and give you an estimate of a roof replacement are remarkable. Although you may think you can handle the roofing job on your own, sometimes the cost outweighs the safety concerns. By hiring a professional, you can count on safety tools being used and you can also count on the job being done right. One small mistake could easily cause a large leak or a roof collapse. So before you go ahead and jump the gun with your roofing skills, be sure to take into consideration what could happen with just one small mistake.