November 26, 2023

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Signs That Your Roof May Need Professional Help

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The roof of a home is often subjected to mother nature’s elements more so than the rest of the home. Denver Colorado’s annual weather produces snow, wind, rain, and has particularly harsh winters, all these elements can affect a roof’s structure potentially damaging it both short-term and long-term. If harsh weather has caused some damage to your home’s roof it may be time to call a roofer in your area. A roofing contractor denver, co can evaluate your roof and the extent of any existing damage. Most roofers offer free estimates but most importantly they can provide some peace of mind and inform you if extensive repair or an entire roof replacement is needed. 

Knowing the age of your home and its roof is a must, be sure to know if the roof has previously been replaced prior to buying the home. The rooftop and within the attic can be especially damaged or aged and should be checked occasionally. Some key signs that you may need to contact a roofer for repairs include observable brittle or cracked wood, loose or missing hardware, and any material that looks like it may be moldy. If the roof has clay tiles on it be sure to occasionally inspect the tiles for damage, tiles that have fallen off, or loosened tiles. Aged tar between a roof’s shingles can also be a problem, check for melted or thin tar just barely keeping the shingles together. If you observe damage or any signs of an aged roof contact a roofer in your area to fix the problems or provide an estimate. 

Flat roofs have a tendency to accumulate debris on them which can cause water to pool or puddle on it. If you have a flat roof be sure to periodically check your roof for piles of twigs, pine needles, leaves, or any other substances that can cause water to pool on your roof. Foreign materials on the roof can cause water to collect on a flat rooftop which can eventually seep through without you even noticing until it may be too late. Seeping water that leaks will definitely create mold and can cause extensive damage to your roof and even some potential health problems for those living in the home. Mold often grows in areas that aren’t clearly visible at first glance. Making sure to Keep your roof free of any debris or objects is a good preventative measure you can take in keeping your roof’s integrity and damage free. If you notice damage on your roof or in the attic caused by pooling or seeping water be sure to call a roofer to assess the damage and necessary repairs. 

Any structures attached to a roof can also be the root of some damages, especially if any structures such as TV antennas have previously been removed. Check all the roof vents, seals, and flashing, for any adjacent damage. It’s also smart to check around chimneys for any spots where water can trickle through and create interior roof damage. Contact a Denver roofer if any visible damage to your roof is seen or if you think there might be any underlying damage. Many roofers can provide you with free estimates or information on the extent of the damages on your roof.