February 19, 2024

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Signs That Your Roof Needs a Repair

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Typically, homeowners repair and have their roofs replaced every 10 to 30 years. The amount of time it takes for a roof to go bad is usually determined by a few factors. Among the first is the quality of materials that were used to build the roof. Clearly, if cheap materials were used, then your roof will likely not last long. This is especially true if your roof tends to go through a lot of inclement weather. In fact, the weather is the second biggest factor that determines your roof’s health. For those homes that see a harsh winter and harsh summer, your roofs typically wear down faster than those who live in temperate climates. How can you know if you need a roof replacement company tulsa ok? This article will offer you a few signs to consider. 

1. Sagging

Perhaps the most noticeable indicator that you need a roof replacement is if you notice that your roof is sagging. This means you have a big job ahead of you. A roof typically only sags when the structural supports beneath it have become compromised. This is typically due to water that has seeped into the wood and made it rot away. Because sagging roofs can be dangerous, it’s important to have an experienced team come and inspect and fix the roof as soon as possible. They may advise that you leave the residence temporarily. 

2. Mold In Attic

Another sign that it’s time for a roof replacement is if you notice mold growing in your attic. Again, this is a sign that water has leaked into the roof. Mold typically grows in places that contain moisture. With water leaking into the attic, anywhere that water has touched is a prime location for the growth of mold. Because mold expands through the release of spores, those spores could be floating down into the house below and into your lungs as well as the lungs of your children. Besides just a roof repair to ensure further mold doesn’t grow, you should also have a mold service remove it from your attic.

3. Beams Of Light

While you’re standing in your attic, you may notice that there are small beams of light coming from the roof. Obviously, these are holes. A roof isn’t meant to have holes. Since this could lead to a high bill for water damage repairs, you should have your roof replaced as quickly as possible. Until then, place a tarp over the area that is damaged to prevent water from entering your attic.

Don’t Compromise Your Home

Roofs can be expensive but they are a necessity to have repaired. Without them, your home is at risk of exposure to water, mold, insects, pests, and other things that can damage both your home and the health of your family. You should endeavor to have a roofing company inspect and replace your roof as quickly as possible.