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What To Do When You Need A New Roof

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All homeowners have experienced the inevitable roof leak or repair. You may be laying in your bed and find yourself gazing up at your plain white ceiling. Wait; the ceiling is not white anymore, now there is a round yellow circle. You may feel adventurous and take a trip up to your attic to inspect the cause of this obnoxious discoloration now taking precedence on your bedroom ceiling. 

Once you have arrived in your attic you shuffle around and look around for any signs of moisture. You do not need to be a trained roofing professional to spot an obvious leak. You may however need to be a trained roofing professional to figure out what caused the leak and how to fix it.

There are many things that can cause a leak in a roof. The most common is simply aging and degeneration of your roofing shingles. If this happens it simply means that your roof has met its timely demise and it is time to upgrade to a new roof. Other causes can be more of a burden and unexpected. When your roof is aging you can view the visible signs of this from the ground. You may start to notice missing or loose shingles. You may also notice the shingles curling up or falling apart. This is the tell-tale sign that your roof is a goner and needs to be replaced. Storms however can send tree branches and other debris into your roof and that is unexpected and damaging. This type of hole will need immediate repair to prevent more rain or snow from entering your home. You will also need to have the hole fixed promptly to keep out unwanted pests. Raccoons, possums, birds and mice can cause more damage to your home if they find a way into your attic. Remediation can be costly. 

If your roof is damaged due to a storm you will be able to have repairs covered by your insurance company. Your insurance company may have a list of trusted roofing companies on hand that can come out and survey the damage and promptly supply a price quote. If your roof is in need of replacement due to age you will need to find a roofing company tallahassee fl to repair your roof. 

When it comes time to have the roof replaced you should always acquire at least three roofing quotes. This will help you get a feel for the business you will be working with and know that you are getting reasonable offers. You can always refer to online customer rating sites to find a roofing company with high satisfaction rates. This means they have done the job properly and most of their customers would use them again if the need arose. Once you have your quote you simply book the roof repair or installation day and leave a deposit. It only takes about a day for a new roof to be installed and the typical roof will last anywhere from ten to thirty years depending upon the climate you reside in.