September 24, 2022

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Taking Care of a Home’s Well and Septic System

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Having a home is a great investment. It is also wonderful to own your own space to live in as it affords so much opportunity for flexibility in decorating and enjoyment of the land the home is on. However, as most people know who owns a home there is a great amount of work that goes into caring for a home. Maintaining and upkeep of a home is usually a task that requires consistent care. In most cases, the older a home is the more care is usually required to maintain the home. However, if the home was built, upgraded and maintained with high-quality labor and supplies, the likelihood is that it will require less care then homes that were not cared for properly over the years. 

Protecting a Well Water Source 

One of the most important aspects of keeping up with any home is caring for the mechanical systems and the structure of the home. This includes the source for water and waste management. For people who have well water, there are important things an owner should do to ensure the well is a safe water supply for years to come. 

Protecting the good source includes ensuring that the water system is protected from potential contaminants. This would include chemical or animal contamination. Wells are usually secured with a secured latched cover. However, there are times when the covers are not secured which can lead to risks for contaminants. Owners of homes with wells should be sure to find the good source and make sure the well is impenetrable and secured with a proper cover. 

Proper Care for Septic Systems 

For people who have a home with a septic system , there are a few important things that should be done to ensure that it stays in good condition. Having it serviced and pumped on a regular basis is essential to ensuring the leach fields do not become over stressed. Septic system pumping Milton FL residents have done is usually annually depending on the size and condition of the leach field for the system. 

In most cases, a home’s septic system should be pumped on average once a year, depending on capacity. Larger tanks and leach fields can be pumped every two years. However, excessive stresses on a leach system can cause the need to pump it out every 9-10 months. In times of high water table issues from flooding, the leach fields can become saturated making it difficult for them to work properly. 

Additionally, overuse of a septic system can cause distress and malfunction to its prcessing. It is important to not flush the toilet more than necessary, not to use excessive laundry loads with only a few items in it and to ensure that no caustic or non-biodegradable items get into the system. In most cases, this violates health laws and can cause damage to the system. Contaminants can cause problems for the leach fields. 

It is also important to note that heavy items over a few tons in weight on or near the septic tank or the leach fields such as heavy vehicles, RV’s above ground pools and sheds can be problematic. This weight can put stress on the cover to a septic tank possibly causing it damage. In addition, if heavy vehicles are placed on a leach field, it can damage the leaching system as well.